SPECIALIZATIONS                              "IN PURSUIT OF THE TRUTH"


Having located thousands of missing persons/skips, Hungerford Investigative Services        
utilizes cutting edge technology, worldwide contacts, unlimited resources and good
old fashioned detective work to locate individuals all across the world.  We locate
family members, witnesses, deadbeat parents, debtors, runaways and skips of any kind.
We have reunited loved ones, assisted individuals and businesses collect on judgments
and bad debt and located witnesses no one else could find.  No challenge is too big, call
us today to discuss your case and put our years of experience and expertise to work
for you.

Hungerford Investigative Services specializes in surveillance operations for the following

Child Custody Cases
Worker's Compensation / Insurance Fraud
Corporate Theft

We have the equipment, technology and years of undercover surveillance
experience that can be tailored to get results for your particular case

Hungerford Investigative Services specializes in conducting thorough background investigations uncovering the following information:     

Assets / Financial Condition

Child Custody Issues
Criminal History

Employment Status
Marital Status

Corporate Research
Witness Credibility

All background investigations conducted are confidential and discreet.

Hungerford Investigative Services has conducted thousands of criminal investigations and can provide the legal investigative services for your defense.  We handle the all cases from as simple as misdemeanors to complex homicide investigations.  We have provided the following services to attorneys and private clients: 

*Locate Witnesses                                           *Subpoena Service                            *Cold Cases

*Obtain Statements                                        *Jury Selection Assistance         *Unsolved Crimes

*Discover Undisclosed Information  *Document Research

*Client Control                                                   *Witness Preparation

If you need an advocate on your side, put our proven results to work for you! 


"It is better that ten guilty persons escape,than one innocent suffer."

                                                                                  -Sir William Blackstone

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